Home Renovations

You are not happy with the layout of your home? Perhaps there’s that one room that would be more useful as a home office? Or maybe, it is finally time to build that huge kitchen you’ve always dreamt of? From meeting your personal needs to increasing the assessed value of your home, renovating is a great idea. HMK Construction experts can provide you with the services to make your renovation a success. Our highly experienced contractors are ready to tackle any issues that may arise with the existing floor plan of your home. Highly capable, our experts are quick to provide solutions and alternatives to any issue. You can trust the expertise of HMK Construction to bring your renovation idea to life.


Like any undertaking, the first step to renovating your home is developing a plan. Your design plan will be used to renovate the desired area of your home. To ensure the most efficient use of space and resources our experts are more than happy to lend professional advice to make your design more attainable.  We proudly advocate the use of green energy efficient products that benefit both you and our environment.


Once the desired design plan has been established, the next step is to hire a contractor. HMK Construction counts on highly experienced contractors that will make your renovation process as effortless as possible. Our contractors provide excellent advice to get all renovations done in a timely matter. For example, we advise reserving a room for large supplies and pitch in ideas for the most suitable supplies and materials.


HMK’s construction crew is trained and capable of demolishing any necessary areas of your home. HMK guarantees a smooth demolition process with the best profession wrecking crew. We gladly work with your needs and schedule. Our crew works in a clean and timely matter, to ensure the peace of both you and any nearby neighbors.


The foundation of any building structure is its MOST important component. You’d be surprise the great impact even the smallest of mistakes can make. Foundation mistakes are just like leaks in the roof. They start off small and then turn into a huge issue. HMK Construction is here to ensure the best quality foundations for your home. Our professionals will prepare foundations that include high quality framings of the roof, floors and walls. Once the foundation is complete our contractors will install plumbing, HVAC systems, electric, and phone and cable lines. When everything is installed properly our experts will place the insulation and drywall on the walls, ceilings, and floors. The crew will finish the work installing ceiling fixtures, counters, cabinets, window trims, etc. All electrical systems and appliances are hooked up and tested for quality by our professionals. Attention to detail is a major emphasis for the HMK crew. Any issues or mistakes found after construction has been completed are quickly addressed.