This page is dedicated to defining the warranty we are offering for your projects.


All labor and installation work is warrantied for 1 year. The timeline will begin on the day of project completion. Project completion is defined as the final day of the project as memorialized by the final invoice being issued. Not when that invoice is paid, and not when any warranty work has taken place.


Warranty on materials will be subject to our vendors terms and conditions. Any warranty work that requires additional labor time as a result of the materials being defective in anyway will be subject to an additional labor charge to the customer.


Trex decks will have their own warranty type. Depending on the Trex products used on your deck, you can see the warranty details at this link.


Any issues that arise as a result of factors beyond our control are exempt from our warranty.

If a warranty for our labor is claimed, and we are dispatched to complete a repair, and it turns out that the issue is not a result of our workmanship, a bill will be issued to the client for our labor time plus a service fee.

All warranty work will need to be completed by our company or our assigned affiliate. We will not be financially responsible for any warranty work that is preformed by another vendor without our expressed written consent in advance.